watch: الجسر | عبدالخالق - كفيل

@aljisrmusic  hopes to be a 'bridge (Jisr) between music and comedy'. Their first music video uses humor to call attention to the overworked, underpaid and disrespected migrant worker who sings that he isn't afraid of his Kafil/sponsor.

You think I’m scared?
I can see everything that you are up to

The singers turn the usually insulting stereotypical portrayal of migrants on its head as they sing in the broken Arabic that is usually used to mock them on popular television. This time it is done as an act of defiance, as they hilariously blend the rap genre with local flair to lace the serious topic with enough tongue-in-cheek to get it passed around on everyone's social node.

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Anti-sponsorship system video goes viral

Listen to them mentioned on BBC World Service: Outside Source (at 38.17 mins)