Treasures in The Public Domain

Digging through the images found in the public domain is a joy like no other, and this time round we recommend you look at the SALT archive where you will find a treasure trove of Turkish architectural drawings, photos and manuscripts to spend your weekend with.

We are particularly happy to get our hands on the sketches and notes of Sedad Hakkı Eldem. Included among the documents are the following:

Zeyrek Social Security Complex Zeyrek Social Security Complex Zeyrek Social Security Complex

Built in 1970, the Social Security Agency Complex in Zeyrek won the Agha Khan award in 1986.

Eldem was particularly sensitive to the terrain and the surrounding buildings as can be seen in his notes and in the final product. 

Zeyrek Social Security Complex

in "Turkey: Modern Architectures in History" By Sibel Bozdogan, Esra Akcan the complex is said to :

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